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Senior Adult Ministry

There is a place for you to serve:


Immanuel Baptist Church has a place for every member to serve, senior adults included! Through programs, Sunday School, helping with the babies in the nursery, ushering, greeting, serving on committees, and visitation -- these are just a few of the ways you can serve.


The experts tell us that senior adults are living longer today, and I believe that this is no accident. Seniors were born for such a time as this. God is giving many longer years of life that His children may use their knowledge, experience, and wealth in ways that will strengthen the church and bring greater glory to God.


As a multi-generational church, we draw strength and inspiration from each other. The stability and maturity provided by the senior adults in our midst gives us an important balance, creating a more effective ministry in our community. Our primary goal is to help and encourage you to
continue growing in the knowledge of the Lord.


Thursdays at 9a.m. -  Dominos Fellowship